Why Do We Need An Attitude of Gratitude

As the world celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let's unpack reasons why we need to embrace attitude of gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Today is Thanksgiving day in the US. And it is an opportunity for all of us to express our gratitude to anyone that’s at all possible.

There are plenty of reasons to be grateful. In fact, there are too many reasons to be thankful for that we should not even have time to be grumpy and complaining.

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to you! If you are reading this, then you are definitely one of the most amazing people on the planet that I have been so lucky to be connected to.

For allowing me the honor of blessing you or adding value to you, thank you.

For being one of the people who have added value to me, thank you.

For being one of my mentor, thank you.

For allowing me to mentor you, thank you.

For being in my life, thank you.

While it is true that we should be grateful everyday, why not make today a little extraordinary by stopping and think about who you are grateful for today.

Here are a few reasons why you need to practice an attitude of gratitude:

1. You learn not to take anything for granted.

Whatever you have in life, whoever you have come across, and wherever you are in life right now, let’s be thankful that you are where you are right now. Because there are always others who may not be so fortunate.

2. It is an essential ingredient for success.

Any successful person can easily tell you that have reached where they are at by reminding themselves of what they are grateful for, everyday.

3. It brings your personal relationship to a whole new level.

When you make an intentional effort to express gratitude to your partner or your spouse everyday, it stops you from grumbling or complaining. And gives your partner the incentive to return the favor.

4. It brings your professional relationship to a whole new level.

Leadership is influence. And when you are intentional about expressing heart-felt gratitude to a coworker, leader, follower, or business partner, you have an increased influence with them. They will be happy to do what you ask them to do simply because you know to express gratitude properly.

5. It reminds you of what you already have, not what you do not have.

Remember the saying, “Too many people are buying things they don’t need, that cost an amount they can’t afford, to impress people they don’t even like, or don’t even care”? Well, don’t be one of them. Be grateful with what you already have.

6. You understand that what you have achieved is not a result of your own strength.

John Maxwell taught that, ““If you’re enjoying any success in your life, it’s because someone has gone before you, sacrificed, and paid the price.” Warren Buffett puts it differently, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

7. You learn to give credit where its due.

John Maxwell also said, “No man is an island entire of itself“. This is especially true for a leader. When you can give proper credit to your followers for whatever you have achieved, they might even be willing to lay down their life for you.

8. You are reminded that giving is always better than receiving.

Before you are where you are today, someone has given something to you in the past. Do the same to others.

9. You learn to stay humble.

Let’s stop being self-conscious and self-occupied. Self-centeredness are born out of these two unnecessary habit.

10. It gives you a big smile at the end of the day.

Every minute you are being grateful are basically every minute you are not complaining.

I have kept it short today so that instead of wasting anymore time reading the benefits of gratitude, you can actually go and practice what you have just learned.

What are you grateful for today? Please share with us below!

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