Please donate for The Ezer Project

Dear friends and families,

Everytime I think about my birthday, I have always been wishing for the greatest birthday celebrations and birthday presents and it has all been only about myself. However, this year I have found that the greatest pleasure and reward is not in getting birthday cakes, or gadgets, or the celebrations. It is in the giving. I am more excited than ever to welcome my birthday, not anxious about what kind of presents I will be receiving but rather, whose life I will be impacting and changing by taking part in a great project to make a real difference. I know that I have received more than I could ever say "Thank you" for my entire lifetime and it is the perfect opportunity to give more than I could ever receive "Thank you".

I am taking part in a project in which I am giving up my birthday as well as my November weekends to support my friends (Melie, Dita, Reinardus and Marcel, as the Initiators) in their charity project to donate for Bantar Gebang. Bantar Gebang is, in a nutshell, the largest garbage dump in Indonesia. Needy people live in this "filthy" place and earn money by scavenging from the mountain of waste hoping to sell it off or trade it for other items. Often, school-age children who are meant to be going to school have to stay at home helping their parents collecting garbage.

The short-term goal of this project is for ALL proceeds to go to the following:

AOC (Alpha Omega Community), Jakarta
What they currently need:
Children Playground
Kitchen for Training & Development

2 Computers
School Uniforms

To find out more about this place, please visit the following page:

I am humbly asking for your generous donation to support us and at the same time, contribute for the future of these poor children. In exchange for your gift, some of my friends including myself have committed ourselves to do the following:

What will we do?: 3 kinds of Exercise:
Jogging (70%), every $ 10 raised, we have to run for 40 metres
Sit Up (15%), every $ 10 raised, we have to sit-up for 4 times
Push Up (15%), every $ 10 raised, we have to push-up 4 times

Rules: Total amount donation collected from The Ezer Project will be our aim to do all of this 3 exercises :))!!
How does this work?
* As an example, if at the end of week 4, total donation collected is $ 5000, then

$ 3500 will require us to finish jogging about 14 KMs
$ 750 will require us to finish sit up 300 times
– $ 750 will require us to finish push up 300 times

In a nutshell, the bigger the amount of donation collected, we will have to do more.

To find out more about the project and how to donate, please visit here:!/pages/The-Ezer-Project/119533584773878

Thank you very much for giving me 10 minutes of your life reading through this email. Even the time you have given in reading have blessed me. If my message has touched you, even in the slightest way possible, please donate, even the smallest amount matters!

Mother Teresa ~ “If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

God bless you,