Hillsong Conference 2014 Day 1

The first day of the Hillsong Conference is always the most anticipated one as we will get to see a series of Opening Sequence made only possible by Hillsong’s amazing creative team. You can say that it is my wish that I might be able to host an event as amazing as this one. Though it may not be as numerous as this, at least there’s that sense of excellence that comes within.

The LED panel says "Welcome to Hillsong"

The LED panel says “Welcome to Hillsong”


This one says “Conference 2014”

I arrived at the entrance of the Allphones Arena just as the door to the Main Arena was opened.


The first thing you will notice is the staggering amount of volunteers who works hard to serve all the delegates to make sure that the experience of Hillsong Conference are top notch for them.


Whose name do we gather under?

Whose name do we gather under?


Although it was a bit late, the Night Rally started a little after a quarter past six, and I must say that I was practically blown away by the great job that the team has done.




Pastor Steven Furtick was the first one to take the stage. He preached on the Bible verse from 2 Corinthians 3:12-18, giving his sermon title “Unveiled Vision” or alternatively, “The Problem with Pinterest”


Here’s one of the take away lessons that I heard that would be useful for us. [tweet_quote hashtags=”hc2014″ ]I can’t continue to conform into His image if I continue to be obsessed about perfecting my image into others. [/tweet_quote]

There will be exciting things to expect tomorrow. See you at the next reporting =)


Attending the Hillsong Conference 2014

I am currently in Sydney, Australia. For the next few days I will be attending the Hillsong Conference.

We gather under "No Other Name", the theme of Hillsong this year.

We gather under “No Other Name”, the theme of Hillsong this year.

I have been a frequent and regular attendee to the Hillsong Conference and I have always been learning plenty from the lineup of great speakers and spiritual leaders who have shared what they have learned and applied in their life. Not once have I gone home having attended the conference that I did not feel enlarged, equipped and championed.

Their tagline “Championing The Cause of the Local Church” has left a very strong impression in me that I have taken it upon myself to do the same upon returning from each conference. Many of my blog readers are those who attend a local church and I hope to share with you what I have learned each day from the conference. Even if you did not attend a church, or is not a Christian, I believe that there is something that you can take away from what I am going to share with you.

If you happen to be around in Sydney, Australia, you can also attend the conference. Although it may be too late to purchase a ticket now, you can still join the Night Rally, which is usually free for public viewing. For more information, you can visit the conference website here: http://hillsongconference.com/sydney/

Talk soon.

Living a Life of Positive Impact

What kind of life do you live?

I have been extremely busy for the past four weeks. There were various commitments with my full time work. As a result, I haven’t had any chance to write anything.

I am glad though, that at least I kept writing my diary. There are plenty of things that I would like to share with you from what I have learned that I hope may add value into your life.

As part of a product launch of my company, I have been tasked both as the interpreter and hospitality team for our guests visiting from US. One of them, a white-haired middle-aged man, has been traveling with me around Indonesia to visit our branches. Having travelled together for a week, we had talked about all kinds of topics. Other than work-related issues, we also converse about many other things. He was about the age of my dad so I was able to relate to him on many things.

One of the things that he talked to me about was related to mentoring. He believes that, as an older generation, he is responsible for the lives of the young people he meet. We both saw an incident where a drunk middle-aged man began swearing at people, making everyone around him uncomfortable. As we discussed what had happened, he commented that the man was being irresponsible and was not setting a good example for young people to see. It was not because of his drinking. It is more because he did not drink responsibly.

I resonate with him to a great extent. Since we were young, we have been blessed with meeting all kinds of people who either set the right example, or have made a positive impact in our life. They may be our parents, our elder siblings, our teachers, our managers, our bosses, our spiritual leaders, or if we’re lucky to have at least one, our mentors. These people, some voluntarily, some by profession or due to obligation, may have made a big dent in our lives. Directly or indirectly, there are people whose lives have changed us and made us the person we are today.

When it comes down to it, therefore, we will make an impact into people’s lives eventually. That impact may be good. It may also be bad. The question, thus, is not whether we made it or not. The question should be, are we being intentional about it. Without being purposeful and making a conscious effort to add value into our younger counterparts, we will only bring about unintended impact, which is of no value at best, or negative consequences at worst.

You may be thinking that you have nothing to offer. You may think that your life has been uneventful and there’s nothing you say or do that is of value for anyone. I have come to the conclusion, however, that you should never underestimate how big an influence you can be to someone. The words you say and the action you do may change someone’s lives without you realising it.

I believe it is crucial to carefully pick and choose the words you utter to someone, even if that person is a complete stranger. Don’t ever think that the words that leave your lips are vain words. They can either hurt or heal. They can either create or destroy. They can either encourage or discourage. They can influence people, in a positive or negative way.

Your actions give birth to greater consequences than you ever thought they did. Some of you may already believe this, but let me repeat this again, in a slightly different form. Believe it or not, the lasting impact of your behaviour on the lives of those around you are immense beyond imagination. Your behaviour continues to impact others beyond the people you meet towards others they meet in their lives. I call it the “domino effect” of your behaviour. Let me give you an example. How often have you find yourself getting angry and telling off people because of what someone else did to you earlier in the day? Maybe someone else stole the parking spot you want in the mall. Or maybe someone curses at you unreasonably. The person who offended you probably did not realise that what he did has unintended victims, through you. He probably had a bad day himself because he had an argument with his wife in the morning. That may not seem unusual on a minor scale. But on the major scale, especially for people in the position of power or influence.

Jane Goodall summarises it well, “It’s awfully sad that with our clever brain capable of taking us to the moon, we seem to have lost wisdom. And that’s the wisdom of the indigenous people, who would make a major decision based on how will this decision affect our people seven generations ahead.”

All the above is especially true and applicable for people who hold a particular position of influence. If you are a leader, or if you are the older one in the group, you are inevitably thrusted with the responsibility to look after the members of your group. They will come to you with questions. They will come to you for advice. More often, they may not come to you with questions but rather they will observe your behaviour. If you did not behave responsibly, you may find your bad habits replicated in those around you. This is a decision only you can make. Will you choose to make a positive impact through conscious decision? Will you choose to take some young men or women under your wings? Will you make a commitment to only do the right thing? I encourage you to make that decision and commitment today.

You’ll be glad you did.