A Leader’s Manifesto

I would like to connect with you.

As a leader and a coach, it is important that I invite people into meaningful, heartfelt conversation where I can connect with them. I want to be able to connect with others not just physically (e.g. through face-to-face meeting), but also mentally, and spiritually.

However, people will only connect with me if I speak or write about something that touches¬†their mind and their heart on a personal level. The question is: “How do they know what I am all about?”

This is why I am so excited to join Jeff Goins’ 7-day blogging challenge, of “Blog Like A Pro“. His first challenge was for us to write a manifesto, which is exactly what I need to tell people what I am about.

My hope is that for you to know me, and at least what I am about, and also for me to get to know you eventually.


I have recently released my new e-book, Leader’s Manifesto, A Personal Invite To Join Conversation About Leadership and Dating Relationship Issues.

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I look forward to our future conversations together.