What To Do When You Fail: Interview with Melie from Gogonesia

It was said that 90 percent of startups fail.

The reasons why they fail vary and range from something as common as not answering a market need to something as not willing to admit mistakes and embracing change.

Infographic about why Startup Fail

If the statistics given by this infographic is anything to go by, than it seems that it is safe to assume that no matter how well prepared and how passionate we are and how much we believe in what we do, a startup is more likely to fail than not.

Why Love Cannot Guarantee A Happy Relationship

Everyone thinks that for a dating relationship to stay healthy and to grow, love is an ingredient that must continue to exist in the relationship. They are saying, in other words that, as long as you still love each other, you will always stay together.

But that’s not true. Not love by the popular definition anyway.

Interview With Scott Fay About The Sweet Spot

There is a lot we can learn from interviewing others.

An interview, when you treat it more as a conversation rather than a platform on a stage, allows you to speak freely without any pressure to perform to an audience.

I felt the same myself when I was interviewed for a talk show a few years back. I felt that the words and inspiration just came easily. Even though I have been public speaking for a number of years, never have I felt the words and inspiration flowing so easily like when I was interviewed.

That’s why I believe my interview with Scott Fay turned out the way it did.