About Me

About Me


Welcome to my blog and a big thank you for making the effort to land on this page to find out more about myself.

My name is Suwandy Tjin. I am a Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. I am also a Certified Behavior Analyst with the Institute of Motivational Living, Inc. I am also a writer, and the owner and the only writer of this blog. I blog about leadership and about faith. The two subjects are what defines me. They are who I am.

Who is Suwandy?

Before I came to know and fall in love with Jesus Christ. I am just a regular guy. In fact, I used to think that I am so average, so uninteresting and so unappealing that I have nothing to share with the world and I have nothing to offer.

I used to think that I have no significant traits and that I am less than average.

I spoke in a tone of voice that, according to friends at the time, sounds so flat and boring that people get impatient with me when I tried to tell a story.

I know of nothing that makes me really passionate and excited because I get bored easily.

One day, I stumbled into a church. Through this church, I get to meet and proclaim the name of Jesus as my personal savior. I also met a community of people who looks at others encouragingly, who doesn’t put others down. Since then, I slowly began to grow in confidence and I am able shed the wrong mindset about myself.

I also began reading. As I began to enjoy reading books (I didn’t!), and learning more from each book that I read, a deep desire grew within me to share with others the knowledge, the inspiration and the encouragement that I get. And I began to write.

I also attended public seminars. I attended conferences.

Then in 2013, I decided to make a significant leap in my personal development journey by attending, and becoming a certified coach, getting the privilege to be personally mentored by Dr. John Maxwell, who is the leadership guru of my time.

CDR_02202013_2495_with John C Maxwell

I also decided to be a certified behaviour analyst.

Why Do I Blog?

At first it all started with short emails. I usually take someone else’s quote, or share about what I learn from my readings. I dared myself to be more creative with my writings.

At first, I wasn’t ready to share it with larger audience.

Then someone wrote to me and asked whether I have ever thought of becoming an author.

What? Who? Me? Too funny! No way! – was the first few words that came to my mind.

I thought about it a long time and it wasn’t until a few years later that I told myself, if I wanted to truly make a positive dent in this otherwise negative-filled world, I will need to extend and broaden my impact.

At first I turned towards public speakers and motivators in my country for ideas on how to spread my message. I visited their websites, blogs, signed up for their newsletters, paid and travelled to their public seminars to get as much ideas as possible.

More often than not, however, I find that although their messages were great, and inspiring, their stories heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, it wasn’t for me. Most have extremely difficult upbringings. They either came from really poor family, went through terrible abuse as a young child, or were handicapped in some ways. Their path to become such public speakers were remarkable. They overcame what they were lacking and worked extremely hard to come to where they are now. But it wasn’t the same for me.

I am absolutely grateful that I came from a great family.

We weren’t struggling financially, nor was I abused or handicapped.

I performed well academically, and I was quite proud of my achievement, but that was it. It’s only later that I realised that the Asian education system that focused entirely on academic achievement didn’t matter at all in the real world. I didn’t have to work extremely hard to reach my current standing. I was just living a very regular and seemingly boring life.

Then it dawned on me.

A lot of people are very much like me.

They had an average family, lived an average childhood and enjoyed an average upbringing and perhaps, right at this very moment, were unsure of what they can do with their life.

In fact, it might be you.

I have met so many people who were just like me and were unsure of their direction and purpose.

I wanted to help. I wanted to inspire, encourage and push them forward.

That’s what marked the birth of this blog. Prior to my writing, I spent a lot of time counselling others and listening to other people’s problems. A lot of people came to me for advice. The theme of their questions and their concerns always seem to revolve around the themes of leadership, and faith. That’s what this blog will be all about. I will share from my daily struggles, as well as issues and topics that inspire me and encourage me.

I hope this has allowed you to see further into who I am and what this blog is about. I promise to commit only to write contents that inspire, uplifts and encourages. I shall commit to posting at least once week.

I believe that we should never stop growing and there’s always something new to learn everyday. Please allow me to humbly invite you to join me in my journey to grow myself, to inspire, encourage and to bring hope. Please subscribe to my newsletter and we can embark on this journey, hand in hand.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.