The Beginning of an End – 21 Days Gratitude Challenge

We are finally here.


Today marks the end of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge that began exactly three weeks ago today.


It has been a delightful journey to watch and listen to how people are impacted by their intentional effort to focus on gratitude as an attitude rather than much moaning and complaining.


As I am write this, I am sitting at the waiting room to board a delayed flight to Jakarta. The flight was delayed by a full two hours and I am so grateful that I bumped into a friend with whom I was able to chat and pass the time.


The Gratitude Challenge has brought a change to my body and to my mind. I felt healthier and also a lot happier than I usually am. I am usually a cheerful and happy person but I found I am not as easily ticked now. I also found it easier to accept that things may not always go the way I wanted it to. Things may not be the way you expected it to be, but life must go on. I have found that [tweet_quote hashtags=”gratitude” ]just because things aren’t going your way, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make the new way your way.[/tweet_quote]


If you notice the image that I featured to my blog, it was a hand-written letter that some of my dearest friends wrote to me recently. Nothing ever felt so good as some heartfelt written letter of gratitude. Here it is again just for you to how you can add value to someone without having to break the bank.

Wonderful Letter of Gratitude for me.

Wonderful Letters of Gratitude for me.

As a fitting tribute to celebrate the end of the challenge, I have featured a few photos below. These are screenshots I took on my iphone of the many participants who posted what they are grateful for on Instagram with the hashtag #21daysgratitudechallenge.

One final lesson you will definitely love is a video of a TED talk by Bruder David Steindl-Rast. In this popular talk, he shared the secret to being happy. Be grateful.

What has your experience been with the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge? How has it changed your life, or your perspective? Please share in the comments!

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