How To Stand Against Bullying

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Watch the video to see how a group of young boys made their stand against bullying.

Case of bullying and teasing happens everywhere and is something to be frowned upon. It isn’t easy to go against such treatment, especially when you are on the receiving end of it. Here’s some of the reasons why it’s troublesome:

1. They usually come in numbers.

I rarely find those who was part of the minority willing to bully or tease a group in larger numbers. It is usually the reverse.

2. They are good at finding faults.

Regardless of how flawless and how good the victim is in terms of their behaviour, or their appearance, they always seem to be able to pick up a faulty part of the victim and begin to relentlessly pick on that part.

3. They take pride in their actions.

These bullies enjoy the entertainment of putting others down while lifting themselves up. As such, they do not believe that they have done anything wrong, perhaps to the point of believing that they are superior-class citizens.


Having been one of the victims of bullying in the past, I understood how it felt. And it was not pleasant at all. It seems that, no matter where I go, everyone is going against me, even those I considered my best friends. As a result, I shut myself in and alienated everyone. I became a very quiet person. Even after the bullying stops, I still didn’t come out of my shell out of fear of becoming victim again.

That’s why this video melts my heart. They took the matters into their own hands in a peaceful way. And they used the bullies’ greatest strengths against them:

1. They support in great numbers.

2. They are good at finding good qualities.

3. They take pride in protecting.



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