Day 13 – 15 of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge

Hello dear faithful visitors and readers.

I must apologise for the lack of updates and posts for the past few days as I have been extremely busy and distracted from my writing activity.

Having said that, I realised that there really is no excuse for me for being inconsistent anyway. Yet, I am desperately and joyfully grateful for what has been happening to me these past few days. The 21 Days Gratitude Challenge is almost over and I am excited that there are people who are still enjoying and actively involved in the challenge. I am sure that they have been benefiting a lot from the experience as well as the change in their attitude and their mindset.

Admittably, there will definitely be times and moments when saying and uttering a heartfelt thanksgiving is the last thing on your mind as you are facing your life’s most difficult moments. I must remind you, however, that, your circumstances will not change regardless of whether you are being grateful or not. What could change and may change is your heart’s attitude and also your perspective on what you are experiencing.

For the past few days, I have been extremely lucky and grateful to be able to minister to a group of church leaders as I taught and shared about John’s excellent book on “Everyone Communicates and Few Connect” These church leaders were lovely and it was such a pleasure to mingle and spent time with them.

I have also had one of my most productive days at work as I got many things done and was even given a unique opportunity to bless my friends and bring good news to them.

I was also able to spend time with my mom as she celebrated her birthday. While I had the greatest opportunity to bring my skills and abilities to coach young students in their career options and selections.

There is, absolutely never a day or any moment that you cannot be grateful for anything in life.

How, or what is your experience so far in your gratitude challenge? Let me know in the comments.

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