Day Eight of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge


How has the attitude of gratitude changed your life today?

We are entering the second week of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge. I hope you are not giving up yet and are still as excited as when you first began.

I continue to enjoy the benefits of being grateful for everything I have in life. I am even learning to be grateful for the things that I do not have. I believe that when you don’t have it, it’s probably because it’s not the time yet, or that it’s not good for you and you shouldn’t have it at all. [tweet_quote]When you learn to appreciate the things you have, you will stop wishing for those you don’t.[/tweet_quote]

Something similar can also be said about your life as a follower of Jesus. When you begin to realise that all the things that you have you don’t deserve, you will be grateful for every little things you have. Your attitude in life will be so much different and you will not be worried about whether or not your prayers are answered, because you have learned to trust God completely and that He knows every single one of your needs and will provide to you at just the right time.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Being able to spend time with my friends who are part of a small group. We sang together in a Family Karaoke and enjoyed each other’s company.

2. God is able to use me to be a blessing to my friends.

3. Grateful for a home that I can live in.

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