Day Nine of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge

We are approaching the halfway line of our 21 Days Gratitude Challenge and I must say that it has been a fun and enjoyable experience.

Today I must start with being grateful for the people who have been faithfully committing themselves to write, post and journal about their days where they are feeling gratitude. I am not getting anything in terms of financially or promotion out of it, but I am grateful because they gave me hope and reminder that there are people who do appreciate the value and virtue of expressing gratitude afterall.

Today I am also grateful to be able to attend the grand launching of the University of Pelita Harapan (UPH) in Medan, with Mr. Mochtar Riady as the keynote speaker. The man, although about 85 years old of age is still going strong and bringing positive impacts to the future of the next generation leaders in Indonesia.

Today, I am grateful for a friend of mine who was very kind to accompany me to the grand launching =)

I hope that gratitude has changed your life from the inside out.

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