Day Ten of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge


It is now Day 10 and we are officially halfway through the challenge and there is always more for us to be grateful about.

Today, I decided instead of just writing what I am grateful for in a day. I needed to focus on what I can be grateful for the past few weeks, months, of even years.

Will you be honest with me as I will be with you today? How many of you have, at least once at some point in their lives “regretted” being born into the family that you are in now? Or being born in the city you are in now? Or being born into the nation that you are in now? Have you ever hate any of what you currently have now? Never? Thank God for you! If you did, then please continue reading.

A lot of people I know, both males and females have hated some qualities about themselves, no matter how good it is in other people’s eyes. Truthfully, nobody I know have ever been completely happy with how they look and for me, that’s a shame. Of course, I am all for exercising, trying to look better and be in better shape. However, I faithfully believed that what God has given you is unique and beautiful in itself. Your attitude towards the temple that is your body will change your outlook on life drastically.

Today, be grateful for your family, your appearance and your surroundings. That is the choice I have made today. You are born when you are, where you are, the way you are for a very specific reason and very specific purpose. Instead of spending your time and energy finding out how to change them, devote yourself to the discovery of why. It will make you feel so much better about yourself.

Would you share with me what you are grateful for today?

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