Day Three of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge

[tweet_quote]Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh[/tweet_quote]

Welcome to Day Three of the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge.

If you haven’t joined the 21 Days Gratitude Challenge yet, it is not too late yet. You are more than welcome, in fact, encouraged to start at any time. It just means that you will have to finish later than us to compensate for the days which you missed.

Today is a very special day, for me and for everyone in the world out there.

Today is the day we celebrate Easter. Not for the chocolates or the Easter bunnies. We celebrate because someone dear has made the decision to give up His life for us. If you only have one reason to be grateful for today, let it be for Jesus, who gave His life for you, and for me, and for everybody. He paid the ultimate prize by being crucified on the cross, despite not having done anything wrong.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The opportunity to attend my church’s Easter Service and re-live the moment when Christ was risen and when He appeared in front of His disciples and many others whom He loved.
2. The special privilege that I got to be spending very precious times with my friends and being able to say words to encourage them, or to add value to their lives.
3. The great food that I have been blessed with today as me and my family enjoyed seafood for dinner.

How have your days been so far? What are you grateful about? Please share them in the comments.

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