How I Survived My First 24 Hours of Famine

The first day of my famine was relatively quiet and went quite easy. I truly thanked God that He’s been helping me thus far through my first day.
In my previous post, I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well and have been a little sick. I realized that being sick isn’t going to help me a lot to go through my famine so I decided to call it a day earlier. I had a good rest and woke up in the morning feeling refreshed. The image at the heading of the post basically summarized my first day.
I started my day in the usual way. I headed to the office without breakfast. I had a bit of a fruit juice. When my friends invited me out for coffee, I was only too happy to comply. Apparently they have prepared a sweet surprise, with a birthday cake! The chat and the coffee helped me to distract my mind off my stomach.
So my first 12 hours went without a hitch. My second 12 hours, I’m not so sure! I tried doing some work and also took some breaks by watching the Bible Series. The DVD has just arrived in my doorstep. Doing my work and watching the DVD helped me past the time as it was soon time to close up shop and I was soon on my way to the English private school where I am teaching English.
The drive there wasn’t too easy because I felt the effect of not eating. Perhaps it is what some of the diet experts called “detoxing process”. I felt nauseous and my head was spinning. Thankfully, I was able to get there safely and to my relief, found out that none of my students actually came. So I went home for a family “dinner”.
We went to a family restaurant where I only had soup and drink. My friends still wanted to celebrate my birthday, thus I went to a cafe afterwards and was greeted by a mob of birthday wishers. By the time I got back home, I have completed my first 24 hours in a strong note. All in all, I went through the day without too much trouble, yet eternally grateful for the friends and families who continually provide support and some very welcome distractions.
It is now 36 hours since I have had anything solid to eat. I will keep you posted by the end of the 48 hours.
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