Hi Hackers, Thank You For Helping Me Improve My Website.

I believe that an apology is in order for some of you. If you are some of the unlucky people who visited my blog between Thursday evening and Sunday midnight, then you might have been treated with a healthy dose of weird webpage along with some weird music playing in the background. If that is you, I apologize for confusing you. It must have been quite a horrible experience. I understand (Believe me, I do). If you missed out on it, well, good on you. I am sure you are curious though, WHAT happened?

Here’s the story. When I tried to logon to my website on Sunday morning, I saw that my website was defaced (meaning they changed the home page) by one, or some folks who claimed  to be Iranian hackers. Needless to say, I got panicked for a bit and the only thing I could think of was to email BlueHost. They are my hosting provider. I asked them for assistance to undo the damage by the hackers. I was unable to do anything or think of what to do other than wait for their reply. I had a lot of important appointments that day and I had no choice but to focus on them while waiting for the email. By late evening, the email came (hooray!). It was not exactly what I had expected because it did not have precise instruction. After re-reading the email a few times, I realized that since they do not know how I build my website they couldn’t have provided too much assistance for me. I was a bit disappointed but I got the message. I need to learn to defend myself as they have suggested. This incident also gave me a a slap-in-the-face reminder to actually improve the website cosmetics.

That night I spent the next few hours learning about what might have happened to my website. I went through a few sections of the website and eventually managed to pinpoint where the hackers have attacked and cleaned it subsequently. Along the way, I also learned a few potential security holes or leaks and learned how to plug those holes. After a few hours, I have managed to do a simple cleaning of my website as well as putting in a few important enhancements to hopefully prevent it from happening again, ever. You will notice that the layout of my website has undergone some changes.

I am still working on improving the website all around. Therefore, for my blog readers, I would really appreciate your help with your inputs on the new layout through the comments section below. Feel free to navigate around and test the new layout. If you are having any difficulty at all, especially with the comments section, please kindly contact me using the form below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.