Hillsong Conference 2014 – Day 2

Good evening!


So I am now  at Day 1 of the Hillsong Conference. Well, it’s officially Day 2, but this has been the first full day of Hillsong Conference.

Conference Timetable

There is always a lot of promising new experience and exciting action happening with each new day of Hillsong Conference. That’s also probably why people try not to miss any part of it.

We are very close to the stage.

We are very close to the stage.

Reuben Morgan

Conference starts with the Morning Rally at the Main Arena, with Pastor Brian Houston preaching about the notion of gathering under “No Other Name”.

The key takeaway lesson is that we are not just consumer of The Name, we are to be contributors of the Name.

After the morning rally,, we had a short break followed by the next session, which is called “Let’s Talk Church”, hosted by Pastor Joel A’Bell , Pastor Gary Clarke, Pastor Brian Houston and Pastor Bobbie Houston. In this session, Pastor Brian opened the session by sharing about what kind of culture that He believes in.

Talking Culture

Talking Culture


Afterwards, we are then given several choices as to what kind of Hillsong Conference that we would like to experience. I went to attend the “I Am Not Creative” masterclass where they unpack the real life struggle that they have to face everyday being part of the church’s creative team. They also shared insights into how to become a more creative person.


Jay Argaet and Carmen-Lee Myers

Jay Argaet and Carmen-Lee Myers

This is then followed by the “God, Money and Me” masterclass where the speaker is someone who’s supposedly very famous and very excited about the work for the Kingdom of God. His name’s Pat Mesiti. He claims himself to be a “Wealth Acceleration Coach” and he taught some truths that are often overlooked or ignored by Christians, and even pastors. We are supposed to change our mindset about how we use and how we view money.

Key takeaway lesson: Have a simple economic plan, where you start allocating money for God first, continued with your individual spending second, then paying the bill’s third an finally investing in yourself fourth.

Pat Mesiti

Starting from a few years ago, Hillsong began doing a “everyday is opening night” and the results have been nothing short of amazing. This year there’s no exception and it continued to be mind-blowing as previously.




Bill Hybels preached today for the first time in many years, and he gave a very simple yet deeply profound truth, talking about TIME.

Key takeaway lesson: Ask yourself the question “What would my schedule look like if God were in charge of it?”




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