How I Integrate My Life into Evernote, and Evernote into Mine

As a writer and a speaker I find myself in constant need of ideas and inspirations which usually does not come easily. They come in just when I was busy doing something else and was not even planning to write. Yet, just when I decided to sit down and write I find myself struggling to even write one word. I am sure that there are a lot of people out there struggling with the same symptoms I am experiencing. Then came Evernote.

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Now whenever I felt a sudden jolt of inspiration, I immediately fired up Evernote on my iPhone or my iPad depending on what was most convenient at the time. This, coincidentally rings a bell with Evernote’s motto, which is “Remember Everything”. I know that my memory often lapsed and Evernote helped me tremendously in remembering everything.

I first started using Evernote as a note-taking tool in classes and in lectures as a student. I also use it to write down the points that I need to remember while reading my textbooks. Thus, that way, when I go over my study notes for my exam, I can find most of my notes from Evernote rather than rummaging my pile of textbooks frantically searching for the God-knows where part of the textbook. With Evernote it all became searchable and most importantly, it’s almost blinding fast.

As Evernote became even more mainstream in my life, I began to discover more and more use for Evernote. For example, whenever I attend seminars or when I give out seminars, I recorded the speakers in order to be able to re-listen to the content. I recorded some of my own seminars / talks in order to do a self-review. Or, in some cases, I could post it somewhere online so that it may become useful materials for someone else. While doing all that, I could also, take pictures, for example, of handwritten notes that the speaker wrote on a whiteboard. From the start, Evernote has always had the unique capability of accurately searching for words even in handwritten notes. I have attached a screenshot of Evernote’s search result from a seminar about communication that I attended in the past. Neat, isn’t it? Evernote also came preloaded with OCR technology, meaning that if you have a scanned image or PDF files, it can easily search through words within those files.

Searching for handwritten notes in Evernote Desktop

Searching for handwritten notes in Evernote Desktop

Notice how I typed “skillful communication” in the search bar and this is one of the search results.
I now use Evernote for literally everything, from notetaking, creating todo-lists, going paperless (I scan almost all my important paper documents into Evernote), travel notes, productivity tool and source of ideas and inspiration. It was about a year ago that I finally decided that with my ever-expanding use and need for Evernote I needed something with even more power and that is where Evernote Premium comes into play. With only less than about USD$4 per month I get the capability of attaching, and searching within Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, and PDF files. I also get a massive upload limit of 1 GB per month and many more Premium-only features.

I can sync my Evernote notebooks and notes across all my devices, such as iPad, iPhone and my Mac.  The extra benefits offered only by signing up with Evernote Premium is the capability to store some important notes where I need immediate access, offline. This is useful, for example, when I am overseas and might not have access to Internet. For me, paying for Evernote’s Premium account, became a no-brainer decision and so far, Evernote have not disappointed me at all. I am grateful that the Evernote team continues to dish-out improvements and new features to improve and make an already amazing piece of productivity tool even better.Don’t take my word for it though, you have to try it yourself to believe it. You will not be disappointed.

Screenshot of my Evernote Desktop

Screenshot of my Evernote Desktop

I highly recommend my blog readers to use Evernote to improve your productivity and get your life super-organised. In fact, if you sign up via the link below to give the free Evernote Basic a try, you and I will earn a free one month access to Evernote Premium.

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