Interview With Scott Fay About The Sweet Spot

There is a lot we can learn from interviewing others.

An interview, when you treat it more as a conversation rather than a platform on a stage, allows you to speak freely without any pressure to perform to an audience.

I felt the same myself when I was interviewed for a talk show a few years back. I felt that the words and inspiration just came easily. Even though I have been public speaking for a number of years, never have I felt the words and inspiration flowing so easily like when I was interviewed.

That’s why I believe my interview with Scott Fay turned out the way it did.

When I approached him to interview him few months back, I had no idea how much I would learn and be inspired by his generous and free-flowing teaching that came out from our time together. Although I did not see him face-to-face, since it was a phone interview, I felt as if he was there, next to me, side by side.

And today, for the first time, I am publishing to the public my exclusive interview with Scott Fay about his book, Discover Your Sweet Spot.

Scott Fay is a dear friend of mine and is a very valuable mentor too. I first met him during the John Maxwell Team (JMT) Live Training Event back in February 2013. He is one of the founders of JMT and currently serves as the Executive Vice President of JMT. Aside from that, he also owns a very successful landscaping company.

I have learned a lot from Scott since I joined JMT and I have hoped to be able to share his wisdom and experience with you, my faithful readers. I thus, approached him to conduct an interview. He was, understandably, a very busy man, and I am glad that he is extremely generous to spare an hour of his free time for me (and you).

Here is a (very short) summary of what you are about to learn as you listen to this interview:
– Sweet Spot is a convergence of three ideas of 3Ps: Purpose, Passion and Plan
Purpose is knowing who you are designed to be.
Passion is when you care so much about something you’re willing to sacrifice to see it come to fruition.
Plan is when you, intentionally design and reinvent your path to serve others while being conscious of your purpose and passion.
Living in a Sweet Spot can be likened to sports, when you hit the baseball at just the right spot on the baseball bat, or when you hit the tennis ball at just the right spot on the tennis racquet, producing a beautiful sound.
– Living in the Sweet Spot of our life with purpose, passion and plan, we can have a life where we get extraordinary results with significantly less effort.
– As a leader, we want to hire someone who is living in their sweet spot, but we need to also look for 3Cs (Character, Commitment, and Chemistry).
– To be able to live in your sweet spot, you need to start by a journey of self-discovery, knowing your strength, personality, and many aspects that define you.
– When you are living in a Sweet Spot, you realise that

– Everybody has one sweet spot, which can be expressed in many different ways.
– There are four seasons in life: scarcity, survival, success and significance.
– In scarcity, we have nothing. In survival, we have something. In success, we have everything. In significance, we have the right things.
– An inside story of how a relatively unknown landscaper, who lived life as a giver, has blessed Scott Fay beyond measure to enable him to live a life of significance today.

You can listen or download the interview below.

Interview Audio File

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For your benefit, if you are taking notes, I have took the pains of transcribing the entire interview so you don’t have to keep pausing the interview and thus, enjoy it in its fullest.

You can download the transcript of the interview below.

Interview Transcript with Scott Fay

What did you think about the interview? I hope you have learned a lot and have been inspired by Scott Fay’s abundant generosity and gift for sharing about Living Life in The Sweet Spot.

If you loved the interview. I greatly encourage you to get hold of Scott’s magnificent book by visiting Amazon through this link. Getting this book will be one of your best investment towards a life of significance.

Discover Your Sweet Spot: The 7 Steps to Create a Life of Success and Significance

You can also get connected with Scott through the links below:
The Sweet Spot System

Afterwards, you can come back here and let me know what you think about the interview in the comments. Also, if you have a request for me to interview anyone you know, feel free to let me know in the comments below.



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