Updated: How To Help Philippines Affected By Haiyan Typhoon

Update #1: As I promised, I will update you with the specific days and specific date when I will commit to  the 48-hour Famine. It will begin on my birthday date. That is, Thursday, 28th November. It will begin on the hour, exactly at 12 am midnight, and ends on Saturday, 30th November, also exactly at 12 am midnight. That will make it 48 hour of consuming nothing but liquid only. I will write a post documenting my experience and how I went through the famine. Stay tuned!

I just returned from a company trip to Thailand, and already my inbox was flooded with emails, tweets and Facebook posts asking for help and prayers as well as support in any way we can to aid the victims affected by the Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines. As I read the emails, and the newspaper articles it began to remind me of the devastating tsunami which wreaks havoc across so many countries and killed hundreds of thousands just less than a decade ago. Although different in scale and the way it destroys, the Typhoon seem almost equally disastrous as you can see below.




The tsunami disaster will always be closely remembered due to its proximity to my hometown, Medan. Aceh, or, as its more commonly known, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, was hit the hardest with the highest death toll. Learning about the Philippines disaster and its victims pains me greatly as I have personally seen and touched the refugees from Aceh who were transported into various shelter locations in Medan. They have nothing and nobody left, some saw their close family members literally swept away by the tsunami before them. The Philippines Haiyan Typhoon, no doubt, was more than capable of inflicting serious damage and have killed many in its wake.


Various popular news websites began posting photos and links that was so terrifying and so heart-wrenching. Initially, I felt powerless and unsure of what to do to help. Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I have made my decision. I am going to help, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant it may seem. When I affirmed myself with my decision, ideas began trickling in. And that’s when I remembered my imminent birthday.

I have decided to partner with my trusted charity organisation: One Day’s Wages (ODW). I have set up a birthday campaign page which you can visit below:


Suwandy Chandra’s Birthday for a Cause

In that page, I committed to give up my birthday to humbly ask all my beloved blog readers, friends, families and coworkers to join me in donating for the “Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund” organised by the One Day’s Wages team.

As a way to honor and appreciate your giving, I have decided to go on a 48-hour Famine, adapted from the World Vision’s annual 40 Hour Famine campaign.  In this case, however, I have decided to increase the odds and doing it for 48-Hour instead. I have not decided on a specific date to do this but I will announce it closer to my birthday date.

The reason I chose ODW was because I have previously joined their cause and their integrity is unquestionable as is their professionalism. Their promise and commitment that every single cents  donated will go straight towards helping the victim assures me of their quality and commitment to help. You can make your  donations here:

  1. The above webpage
  2. Via Paypal to suwandy [at] gmail.com
  3. Via bank transfer. Please email me to : me [at] suwandytjin.com for the details
  4. Via cash if you’d prefer the traditional method.

Option 1 is preferable due to the faster accountability that  you can receive as every donations will always be featured within the webpage. That said, should you choose to use another form of donation, that is fine too. I will provide, at the very least, screenshots and proof of the money being sent towards ODW themselves.

All of your donations will go straight towards the Haiyan Typhoon Relief Fund that has been setup. Please, support me to support the Philippines. Help me to help them. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, or email me and I will personally respond to all of your questions.

Discussion Questions: Do you have friends or families who might be affected by the Haiyan Typhoon, directly or indirectly? Do you have more ideas on how to help them?

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