A Sense of Gratitude To End The Famine

It is official. It is done and dusted. It is successfully completed. I have officially gone through 48 hours without consuming anything, except liquid. It has not been the easiest 48 hours yet I came out of it feeling entirely different. There was a sense of accomplishment, a sense of achievement, and a sense of awe. There was however, a very strong sense of gratitude.

Before I write more about that, allow me to take you through the remaining 24 hours as I have promised. Although I went through the first day feeling heavy headed and nauseous at times, on my second day I fared better. I was able to better concentrate and better focus on my work.

I tried consuming a lot of liquids as suggested by some, especially water. I also took in fruit juices, coffee and tea. I was initially concerned that I wont be able to drive, yet I was able to drive quite fine on the day. I also thought that I wont be able to think or speak properly, yet I did not seem to have that problem. At least I think I did not. Trying to make myself busy, I tried scheduling in a number of appointments and activities on the day. By the time it is over, I realized that I have gone through the 48 hours safely.

My sense of gratitude came from the fact that even though the pains of hunger do kick in, they are actually few and far between. When I felt it, I did not become weak or lost consciousness. When it happened, it lasted less than a few seconds. I am especially grateful to God who  I believe has been tremendous help for me. It is definitely an experience to behold. I am not prideful about it as I knew that it wasn’t by my own strength that this was accomplished. Yet, I knew that I have raised my bar higher than my previous donation campaigns in the previous years. Perhaps next year I might challenge myself, and others to join my cause. I will perhaps do a 72 hours of famine.

I am glad and very grateful that it has all ended without anyone being hurt. At least it has for my famine. However, the battle to fight hunger, the lack of medication, the lack of shelter and lack of clean water is still going on, it is perhaps a battle that is almost unending for the Philippines who are both directly and indirectly affected by the typhoon. For some of them, it is material lose. For some others, it is the lost of loved ones. Rebuilding the city and the neighborhood are perhaps the relatively easier tasks compared to the hope lost when parents lost their children, or future lost when young children lost their parents, or purpose and meaning of life lost when an elderly lost all his offspring and his grandchildren too. Donations may eventually stop coming, news articles will dry out and


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