Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: What I Have Learned

Last week I posted about a free webinar for all of my blog readers. I had the greatest pleasure to join in the webcast hosted by my good friend, John Maxwell. In this webcast he talked about his latest book titled ‘Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn‘. It was one of the best 90 minutes I have ever spent. I learned so much from all three speakers there. John himself was there, along with the author of Life Without Limits, Nick Vujicic.  The popular author of the book Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey also made his appearance.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn Book Cover

I took copious amount of notes there and I wish I could share it all here, but there would be too much to share. I have summarized the content of the webinar below.

John Maxwell

What if you asked yourselves this question: “What would you attempt to do if failure was not possible?”

Now change that question. “What would you attempt to do if you knew you might fail, but you would learn from it, and grow from it?”

Finally, ask this question: “Since you will lose, since you will fail, what did you learn?”

We all win sometimes and lose sometimes. The question is no longer: “Will you lose?” or “Will you fail?” The question should be “What are you going to learn?”

Three lessons that we can, and should learn from our losses:
1. There is no success without losses and failures.
2. Losses and failures, birth qualities within us that will make us a better person. It gave us the DNA to realize that we need to learn from our inevitable losses before we can become successful.

3. Developing these qualities by learning from our losses will help us become successful.

Here are a sneak-peek of the chapters from the book Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn that he shared during the webinar:
1. Humility: The Spirit of Learning
2. Reality: The Foundation of Learning
3. Responsibility: The First Step of Learning
4. Improvement: The Focus of Learning
5. Hope: The Motivation of Learning
6. Teachability: The Pathway of Learning
7. Adversity: The Catalyst of Learning
8. Bad Experiences: The Perspective for Learning
9. Change: The Price of Learning
10. Maturity: The Value of Learning

In a nutshell, his message was: If you learn from your failure, you will minimize losses. If you do not learn from your losses, you will continue to fail the same way. Therefore, do not try to escape or hide during your loss, your greatest lessons may come from your greatest failure.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. You do not always win, yet, you do not always lose either.

Nick Vujicic

During the webinar, Nick Vujicic shared in a special interview with John about what he learned from his past failures:
1. Think about the positive outcomes first.
2. Have the courage to try.
3. Do not be afraid of our failures. Imagine what would happen if we did not take the opportunity (Here Nick spoke about his imagination of how his parents would feel if he committed suicide and gave up on his life. The life which his parents worked so hard to nurture and love. That thought, changed his mind, and his life)
4. “You do not know how far you have to go until you have that breakthrough. But you DO know that if you do not keep going, you will never have that breakthrough.”

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. Failure is not final. If you learn from it, you will always come out on top.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey also shared how he learned so much from his greatest failure. This was a big loss for him. He declared bankruptcy at the age of 26. Then and there, he made his life-changing commitment to change. His two greatest lessons: embrace humility and make a decision to grow.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from him:
“Before there is humility, there was humiliation”

“God answers all prayers. Sometimes He says ‘Yes’. Sometimes He says ’No’. Sometimes He says, ‘Grow’

John closed the webinar with the following thought:
Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Learn. The question you always ask after every loss and every failure is: “What did you learn?” Answer that question correctly and you are well on your road to success.

Personally, my own take on failure can be summarized in the following thoughts:
“We need not be afraid of failing. We ought to be afraid of not trying.”

A lot of leaders often said, “Failure is not an option”. I disagree. I believe that “Failure is a necessity.” 

Discussion Questions: We have all failed before. What have you learned from your greatest failure? How have you improved? Please share in the comments.

If you missed the webinar, fret not. John has graciously re-opened the webcast for us to view on demand. Click on the link below to register for the webcast encore

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn Webcast


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