What Would You Do If You Know You Might Starve For 48 Hours

I would like to start by saying thanks to the following people who have so graciously donated to this campaign thus far: Winda Tjindaidy, Stefanie Tanuwidjaja, Julita Tanir, Steffen Chandra (my brother), Suryani Liaw,Inggrid Leonardi, and one anonymous donor, especially my father and my mother. I love you all. Your support is what kept me going.

Since I published my commitment and my intention to support the Philippines impacted by the Haiyan Typhoon nearly two weeks ago, I have been blown away by the messages of support and cheers coming from all over the world. I have had family members, friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues telling me about how much of an inspiration I have been for them. All the same, messages of critics came too, something which I can’t avoid. I am taking in questions like: “Can you trust them?”, “Why donate for something so far away?”, “I don’t have anything to donate.”, or “You are setting the target too high.”, or “You are wasting your effort because nobody will donate to your cause.” One that do cracks me up, “I don’t believe you have a genuine intention by doing this.”

I hope it would have been crystal clear by now that I am not doing this for myself. To be doing what I am doing requires a good amount of publicity via my personal website, social medias as well as word of mouth by friends who would promote this campaign. It is not my intention to self-publicize though. I do not believe, at least for now, anyone would be willing to starve themselves for 48 hours just to make a name for themselves.

That said, I am both nervous and excited over the prospect of knowing that I will starve myself for 48 hours starting midnight tomorrow. It seems that as the clock keeps ticking, my body is beginning to share the concerns of my brain. I am feeling slightly nauseous and also my temperature shot up. I am worried about how my body will be able to cope, as this is something that I have never done before. I am not sure whether I have prepared myself well for it. Yet, when I think about it again, I realized something profound. For people who actually face real-life famine, this is something that happened without warning. No one is able to prepare for it, nor think about what to do. My only benefit is that since I knew about it in advance, I tried to stay healthy and eat fruits.

I tried reading blogs and websites which give suggestions and tips for how to survive the “famine”. Most of them suggested for me to drink lots of water. My body requires water more than I do food. I might also drink milk and hot chocolate to help with my hunger pains. Some have also suggested that often, the hunger is in our brain. They are basically saying that I need to focus on doing something distracting such as reading or watching movies, or perhaps, for me, writing.

I mentioned in my previous post that I will be posting updates as to how I went through my famine. Your comments will also provide tremendous morale support and help me to know that I am not in this alone. Until then, stay tuned. It is less than 3 hours to the beginning of my famine. Also, your donations, no matter how small will also help me to keep focused and keep positive.

You can donate to this campaign via this One Day’s Wages page.

Discussion Questions: Have you ever done this before? What did you choose to starve yourself with, if not food? What are your tips for someone who is about to go on a prolonged fast?

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