Wealth Expo 2013 with Chris Gardner

I attended the Wealth Expo in Jakarta last week and it was quite an exciting experience. I am glad I was able to learn quite a lot from some of the brightest minds in the financial world. I also got to meet some like minded people during the event. I didn’t actually go to the event to find out how to be rich, but I wanted to catch on the spirit and the energy projected by respectable speakers like Merry Riana and Chris Gardner. Chris Gardner, the main highlight of the event was the man behind the acclaimed Hollywood movie “Pursuit of Happyness”.

For the benefit of the readers, I would like to review the event as a whole and also highlight some of my take-away lessons from Chris during the two hours I get to spend listening to him. The Wealth Expo advertised itself with the following tagline “By the end of this 2 day event, you will walk away financially savvy, have a clear and solid plan to achieve your financial goals and more importantly, knowing where and how to invest your money in 2013 and beyond.” I registered myself for this event believing that I will at least learn some inspiration and valuable lessons from some of its various speakers. Many of these speakers were renowned for their achievements as well as their net wealth. As can be expected of an event of this scale, the committee kept tight lip on the order the speakers will appear. It should be easy to guess, however, that Chris Gardner will be the last speaker.

To be honest, the event’s organisers were quite sloppy in their time management. The first day began almost one hour later than the promised time, and ended two hours later than expected. The second day was better, but could be improved a lot. In the foyer, hoards of salesmen and saleswomen tirelessly offering you credit cards and wealth management classes. At the end of the first day, rather than feeling totally inspired, I felt like I have just seen an extended sales pitch by each speakers rather than seeing something value adding. Few of the speakers gave valuable gems for advice, while most spent their time trying to sell their classes. Overall, it did not deliver on its promised tagline. Only Merry Riana and Chris Gardner actually used their entire time adding value and inspiring the audience without selling anything at all and for that, they have my utmost respect.

Chris spoke about Spiritual Genetics, which he defined as “What makes you, you.” He then proceeded, in a very masterful way, to retell the story we’ve seen in the movie, but this time, in a deeper and more personal way while also sharing his life principles he learned since young. He used the letter P to simplify his Principles. The first P is for Promise. He promised himself as a 5 year old that he will not let his future children grow up fatherless. You need to start with a dream in mind. The second P is for Purpose vs Passion. How do you choose between doing what you love, or doing what you have to do? Sometimes, you gotta do both! The third P is for Plan. We need to plan, and our plan should be 5C (clear, concise, compelling, consistent, and committed). The final P is for “Plan B sucks!”. Sometimes we gave up too easily on our dream, our Plan A and went for Plan B. If it was any good, it would be Plan A. Blend all the above P together, and you will get Peace. The final takeaway message is that Time, not money, or people, is our greatest asset. If we can see how truly short our life is, what are we going to do with the remainder of our lives?

To conclude, I have quite enjoyed the Wealth Expo and I am greatly inspired too. I probably wouldn’t attend it again unless I get another free ticket, like I did this year. How about you? Have you ever attended the Wealth Expo? Would you? If not, why not? Please leave it in the comments below.

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  • Stefanie